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Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture principles, this modern technique has evolved to effectively target trigger points and muscular imbalances. Dry needling has seamlessly integrated traditional wisdom with contemporary healthcare for decades.

Dry Needling at Sterling Spinal Wellness

To the point precession

Our skilled practitioners employ fine, sterile needles to target specific muscle groups and trigger points. By stimulating these points, we aim to release tension, improve circulation, and promote the body's natural healing mechanisms. Experience the power of this non-invasive treatment that can make a remarkable difference in your well-being.

Conditions treated

Uncover the diverse range of conditions that can benefit from dry needling therapy. From chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders to sports-related injuries, this technique has shown effectiveness in addressing issues such as neck pain, back pain, migraines, and headaches. Whether you're an athlete seeking faster recovery or an individual seeking relief, dry needling offers a tailored solution.

Western Medical Acupuncture at Sterling Spinal Wellness
Dry Needling at Sterling Spinal Wellness

Benefits to you 

Embrace a new level of vitality as you experience the multifaceted benefits of dry needling therapy. Patients can expect reduced pain, increased range of motion, and improved muscular function. This therapy also promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and enhanced overall well-being. Witness firsthand the transformative effects of targeted treatment that empowers you to regain control of your body.

Acupuncture Needles used at Sterling Spinal Wellness

Choose Dry Needling 

Elevate your journey to optimal health with our specialised dry needling services. Our practitioners are dedicated to providing personalised care that aligns with your unique needs and goals. Discover how dry needling can be a catalyst for positive change, helping you achieve a pain-free, active lifestyle. ​

Explore our Dry Needling Therapy services at Sterling Spinal Wellness and experience the transformative potential it holds for your well-being.

For more information on Western Medical Accupuncture or Dry needling
Visit:British Medical Accupuncture Society

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