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About Sterling Spinal Wellness

At Sterling Spinal Wellness, we believe that your body is an incredible machine. We know that when it's working right, you can move easier and feel better every day. But when something goes wrong with your body, we know how hard it can be to get back on track. That's why we're here to help you find the treatments that work best for you. We believe in creating a personalized plan to resolve your problem that fits your needs and lifestyle so that you can live your best life. We specialise in the treatment of neck pain, headaches, frozen shoulder pain, elbow pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, disc herniation/protrusion, knee pain, osteoarthritis and Achilles tendonitis/plantar fasciitis. Our goal is to give our patients the tools they need to live better every day!


How we started 

During the pandemic people got married, divorced, worked from home, had children, got pets or renovated their homes. Our Clinic Director, Dr Tarveen decided to try something different, she started a part time practice in June 2020 (yes you read that correctly, sounds crazy in hindsight). She started operating as Dr Tarveen Hayes Chiropractor, with little advertising and the practice grew organically by word of mouth referrals. Now close to four years in practice we have grown from one person in one treatment room to a clinic. As of January 2024 we are pleased to announce we are providing services from The Health Lodge in Uxbridge. The previous clinic Director Dr Louise Baxter has relocated out of the UK. We are very excited about merging both patient bases and expanding our community to the surrounding communities of Hayes, Southall, Hounslow, Slough and beyond. 

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The Sterling Legacy

The word sterling has a personal significance to Dr Tarveen. Growing up her father had an auto body repair garage called Sterling Auto & Truck repairs in Calgary, Canada. Her father was an Auto Mechanic that used to jokingly call himself a car doctor.  Dr Tarveen jokingly calls herself a spine mechanic that revs up the nervous system like the engine of a car. Mechanics and Chiropractors have many similarities; assessing the car / spine, determining what requires fixing, making changes so the car / spine can function at its best and for those that are extra enthusiastic help them “sup” up their car / spine with performance services.  The biggest difference is that if a car becomes incapable of repair you can simply replace or scrap the old car. Unfortunately you can not replace the spine, it's in your body for life. For this reason it's very important to maintain the spine. 

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Sterling Spinal Wellness

Old Farm Lodge

Pole Hill Road

Uxbridge, UK UB10 0QE



07773 415415



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